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We understand you may have some questions.
See some common questions below and if you can’t find
what you’re looking for call 01253 531 528

Payments & Account Management

We are pleased to support with a variety of payment options, either for a one-off, additional payment or as part of an ongoing payment arrangement:

Most of our customers choose to pay via Direct Debit as they are quick and easy to set up and means you don’t need to remember to make your payment every month – it will be debited automatically.

Direct Debit
Please set up your Direct Debit by clicking here.

One-off Card Payment

Recurring Debit Card Payment
Click here to log in

Bank/Standing Order
Account Number: 48848042
Sort Code 60-00-01
(Ensure you quote your ACI reference number please)

Telephone Payment
01253 531528

Paying from overseas
Please use our IBAN GB80RBOS83273400629882 ensuring you quote your ACI reference number

No matter what your financial situation is, we want to help. Our team are committed to working with to you to agree the appropriate next step based on your current personal situation. The best way for you to do this is to contact us on 01253 531 528.

We understand that life is complicated and we will only ask you to repay what you can afford. This typically involves reviewing your incomings and outgoings to understand how much you may be able to pay off your account each month.

You may find our “Help and Tips” page helpful to find Free Money Advice that can further support you.

We would encourage you to set up a payment plan. In our experience once customers have talked to us and we fully understand their circumstances, we can put in place an affordable and conveniently timed payment plan which provides many of our customers the peace of mind that their debt is being repaid gradually in an affordable and sustainable way.

Click here to make an offer of repayment

You can also log in and submit an income and expenditure assessment via our online customer portal: To log in, you will need your customer reference number, date of birth and customer pin number. You will find your customer reference number and pin on all correspondence from us.

Life happens, we understand that occasionally you may have an unexpected bill or perhaps a lower wage one month – this happens to us as well! All we ask is that you please keep us updated so we can understand and agree with you the best way to move forward, this might be a smaller or missed payment to account for the income change, for example.

If you miss a payment and do not contact us, we may try to contact you by phone, e-mail, and SMS until we are able to establish the reason for the arrears and work with you to get back on track.

We just ask that you keep us updated and contact us to discuss your circumstances. We will work with you to re-assess your affordability and come to an agreement to move forward.

If you simply stop paying and do not stay connected with us, we may try to contact you by phone, e-mail, and SMS until we are able to establish the reason for the arrears and work with you to get back on track.

Yes you can. If you are interested in settling your account, please click here and submit your offer

Our details to make a payment via the bank/standing order are:

Account Number: 48848042

Sort Code: 60-00-01

Please ensure you quote your ACI Customer reference as the payment reference so that we can match the payment to your account when received.

Our online portal is a simple way to set up an affordable repayment plan or make a one-off payment. You can also complete an Income and Expenditure form which allows us to assess your affordability and view your account details. Please use the following link:

To log in, you will need your customer reference number, date of birth, post code and customer pin number. You will find your reference and pin on all correspondence.

Yes, you can track payments using our online portal – this allows you to see all payments that have been made towards your account and provides you with balance updates. If you would like more information regarding your balance or payments which have been made, please call us on 01253 531 528 and we will be happy to assist you.

To log in to our portal you need the following information:

  • ACI Customer Reference Number
  • Date of Birth
  • Pin Number

If you have not received or have lost your pin number, please call 01253 531 528 or email us using your ACI Reference number that can be found on all our correspondence, followed by “”.

General Questions

We are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (“FCA”). Firm Reference No: 708400.

ACI is also a member of the Credit Services Association (CSA) and we subscribe to their Code of Practice. If you believe we have breached this code at any point, you can contact them to log your concerns. A copy of the code, including details of how you may refer your complaint to the CSA, is available on their website

We do not add any additional charges or interest to your account other than anything that falls due as part of the terms of your credit agreement which is charged at the same rate as was previously charged by the original credit provider.

We need to understand why you feel this way as the balance due will not disappear due to lack of response to our contact. We will continue with our attempts to contact you via e-mail, letter, telephone, and SMS.

Prolonged lack of contact could lead to a decision to progress your balance to our legal partners for consideration of legal action.

Please contact us so we can discuss. We need to understand this more so that we can investigate and review any relevant evidence of previous payments so that we can move your account forward.

Our team can be contacted on 01253 531 528.

We would need to understand this more so that we can properly investigate so please get in touch. We may ask you to provide us with evidence so that we can move forward with this.

Our team can be contacted on 01253 531 528.

It may be that we are unaware you have contacted a Debt Management Company. We simply ask that you click here and tell us the details of your appointed Debt management Company. We will then communicate directly with them and you will not need to do anything further.

Perch Capital (Perch) have purchased this debt from the original lender as part of the administration of the business and are now the legal owner of this outstanding balance. We have then been instructed to manage repayment of this balance on behalf of Perch.

Perch only buy debts on the understandings that all balances remain outstanding.

Under data protection law we are required to have appropriate safeguards and controls in place to protect a person’s data, so until we can identify and verify a person as our customer or an authorised third-party, we will not discuss a customer’s account.

We have rigorous processes and control in place and routinely use reliable third-party data sources, such as credit reference agencies to provide us with high confidence communication information in order to try to engage with our customers and to minimise the risk of communicating with the wrong person.

We would appreciate it if you could please give us a call or drop us an e-mail to let us know so we can investigate what went wrong and put it right. Our team can be contacted on 01253 531 528 or by email us using your ACI Reference number that can be found on all our correspondence, followed by “”.

Absolutely. If you would like to authorise a third-party advisor or even a friend or relative to act on your behalf when discussing your account, please do contact us. All authorised parties will then be required to complete similar identity checks on subsequent calls. Additional security in the form of a password can be set up if preferred.

Sorry to hear that you are not well. We are committed to supporting you and to be sensitive to whatever you are going through. We do need to ask though that you contact us to provide a brief update so that we can stop communications as required, our team can be contacted on 01253 531 528 or simply reply to an e-mail we have sent you.

We value all feedback and would ask that you contact us to bring this to our attention at

Before your account(s) was sold to Perch, the administrators of the original lender were responsible for ensuring your account(s) underwent a robust assessment process to establish if any money was irresponsibly lent.  If they determined that it had been irresponsibly lent, then either a balance reduction or a payment redress due to you will already have been applied to your account(s) or paid to you directly. Because of this, we believe the balance outstanding to be correct.  Any balance reduction or redress applied is final and as the original creditor in effect no longer exists the Financial Ombudsman Service (“FOS”) will no longer accept fresh complaints against them.

If you do not agree with the balance, please do get in contact with us and we can discuss how best to move forward.

We value all customer feedback and promise to use it to help us improve what we do moving forward.

Please email us at letting us know some more.

The original lender name and original account reference number should be included in all communications that we send to you. If after looking at our letter or email you still do not recognise the account, please get in contact with us to see how we can help.

Credit Report

Where appropriate, the legal owner of your account is required to report the accurate status of your account to the Credit Reference Agencies (CRAs). This is in line with the Principles of Reciprocity, which are a set of guidelines governing the sharing of personal credit performance and related data via the closed user groups at the CRAs.

These guidelines have been designed to try to help lenders make responsible lending decisions and to reduce the risk of customers becoming over indebted and ending up in financial difficulties.

The existence of your account, your current balance, status (paid/due/settled) and default status.

The default status reported refers to when a relationship between a lender and a customer is considered to have broken down due to a breach of their agreement. This is due to several missed payments; typically, where overdue payments on an account increase to 3-6 months in arrears (missed contractual payments).

A default stays on your credit file for six years from the original registration and remains for the full term regardless of whether a debt is repaid during the six-year period, however if paid, the status of the account may be viewed more favourably by other lenders.

ACI is currently managing your account on behalf of a third party creditor. The legal owner of your account will, where appropriate, report the status of your account to the credit reference agencies and their name will appear on your credit file.

Reporting a default at the credit reference agencies (CRA’s) usually happens because of a breakdown in the relationship between the lender or owner of the account and the customer, typically due to several missed payments and a breach of the agreement. ACI has been appointed by the legal owner of the debt to support customers resolving their accounts. The legal owner is responsible for reporting the account to the credit reference agencies and a new default should not be recorded.

Any payments made will be reflected on your credit file at the credit reference agencies (CRA’s) and this information can be viewed positively by other credit providers who may access your credit file as it indicates that your balance is decreasing.

If you make a partial settlement payment, your credit file will be updated to reflect that you have partially settled your account. If you make a full settlement payment or repay your account in full by instalments, then this is recorded as paid in full.

A defaulted account that has been repaid in full or partially settled may be viewed more favourably by lenders when viewing your credit file to make a lending decision in comparison to a defaulted account with a balance outstanding.


ACI is committed to making sure you can trust us with your personal information.

We are registered with the Information Commissioners Office, registration no: ZA116228.

We will process your personal data fairly and lawfully in accordance with data protection and privacy laws.

We take the preservation of your privacy and the security of your personal data very seriously. We make every effort to ensure appropriate safeguards are in place for the storing and processing of your personal data using both technical and organisational methods.