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General Questions

If you don’t think the debt belongs to you, please contact us on 01253 531 528 and one of our Customer Care Agents will look into this for you.

Category: General Questions

We are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (“FCA”).

ACI is also a member of the Credit Services Association (CSA) and we subscribe to their Code of Practice. If you believe we have breached this code at any point, you can contact them to log your concerns. A copy of the code, including details of how you may refer your complaint to the CSA, is available on their website www.csa-uk.com

Category: General Questions

If you can no longer afford the amount you have agreed to repay, please contact us via the phone on 01253 531 528 or via email contact@assetcollections.uk so that we can reassess your affordability. It’s important that we understand how your circumstances have changed so that we can find another solution that’s suitable for you.

Category: General Questions

Customer Portal

Visit our customer portal to view your account balance, make a payment, set up an arrangement, complete an Income & Expenditure form and update your contact information. Customer Portal

Are you in financial difficulty?

If you are experiencing financial difficulties, you can view our Additional Help & Free Advice page by clicking the button below. Additional Help & Advice

Have we contacted you?

If we have contacted you, it may be regarding an outstanding debt. Contact Us

Set up a Payment Plan

There are lots of ways you can make payments to start reducing your debt. Pick the one most convenient for you. Offer of Payment